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MAKE A RAIN BARREL! April 15, 2010

Join us this weekend at our 2nd Annual Earth Day Celebration (starts at 9am) and you can make your own rain barrel for only $40!

The City of Atlanta will be providing workshop & materials.

When: This Saturday, April 17

Time: 11am

Cost: $40

*Pre-registration required: Call Jamila 404-693-1742


REUSE: PAPER January 30, 2010

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Use junk mail, left over wrapping paper, food wrappers, old magazines, cut little hearts or shapes that make your heart happy and arrange in frames. Sounds silly but it can be beautiful and a great way to recycle…

Source: Sarah + Bendrix (flickr). These are for sale on etsy:

Source: Sarah + Bendrix (flickr)



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Photo from Design Sponge


REUSE: Your Christmas Tree December 29, 2009

This cute idea comes from Readymade. Post by Edith Dora Rey and Pictures by Graham Berry

For full post visit:

1. Strip your tree of trimmings, remove it from the stand, and drag it outdoors.

2. Saw off the branches, leaving 3” to 5” nubs. (Slice off some of the branches entirely so garments have hanging clearance and don’t get snagged.)

3. Apply a coat of paint or clear varnish, or leave au naturel.

4. When the paint is dry, plunk the coatrack into the tree stand and hang out.



We finally finished this outdoor xylophone for Diego’s school. It’s such an amazing way to introduce music and encourage outdoor time with your child, I thought I’d share…

for sale at inman park coop preschool auction

for sale at inman park coop preschool auction

Other examples from the web…



Decorating light switches… October 5, 2009

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Examples of light switches covered with fabric and art!

Fabric (purchase at

Purchase at

Purchase at

Purchase at



Okay, I said I’d slow down the pallet posts but I can’t…it’s just clever. Check out how Michael Janzen used pallets to frame his tiny house, very creative!!!

Learn more at or at


photo via: Tiny Free House