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The Kindezi School will not open in the fall.

This unique charter school would have been a wonderful addition to our educational institutions (here) in the Historic West End.

Many educators and community members worked VERY HARD to make The Kindezi School a reality.  After being approved by Atlanta’s Public Schools, everyone was certain that the school would open this fall. Administrators had secured funding, hired teachers and began to enroll students-only to find out that the Department of Education (STATE) took  a conservative stand on the schools democratic management structure and planned to deny the school’s charter. This is particularly ackward after the City’s approval.

Dozens of community members showed up to the State Board’s hearing to support The Kindezi School but they’re plead was ignored by the Board.  The  Kindezi School will have to withdraw the applicaton prior to the negative vote next Wednesday. If you’re available attend the GA State Education Board Hearing on April 1st

If you’d like to call the State Board of Education here’s their info, let them know how disappointed you are that they’ve denied the West End an opportunity to host The Kindezi School!

Lynn Roberts
Administrative Assistant to the State Board

2053 Twin Towers East
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30334

Tel:  (404) 657-7410

hope we move towards better days in Georgia, it’s clear we need to change the politics of this state…talk about ‘government’ respecting the needs and opinions of local communities-the West End is continuously short-changed!

Thanks to all the wonderful individuals that continue to work hard to make this a great community despite the lack of collaboration and support from the city and the state!