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Macro-Sea is considering re-developing old, un-used strip malls. So, what better place to start this innovative approach to development than Atlanta? The company (which is NY-based) has worked on several project but is now venturing into reviving places where otherwise life-less buildings would sit lonely and grey.

Take a look at their projects: Very inspirational!

Using dumpsters as pools…

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Re-developing abandoned strip malls…


SPACE-new WEST END restaurant! May 22, 2009

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We must support this new venture in the West End.

The restaurant is located in a renovated warehouse on 1310 white Street. Check out their menu: 

We are VERY EXCITED to have these young entrepreneurs, open shop in the neighborhood! Best of luck + blessings.

Ok here’s my review…I went over to SPACE today. The spot is to your right if you stay on White Street (West End/Westview neighborhoods). The restaurant is located in an old warehouse. As soon as I got there, I saw a few familiar faces. The staff was really friendly. The bar was well-stocked however they don’t have beer on draft. I looked over the menu and ordered a burger w/ yucca fries. I grew up eating yucca so I’m always suspicious when I see it on the menu b/c I’m not sure they’ll be cooked correctly. However, this yucca was delicious. I will mention that the yucca was served with marinara sauce which isn’t a a good companion-in my opinion. A cilantro-based, avocado sauce is a much better match. The burger was good. The service was attentive. My only criticism is some of the free-standing chairs and decor cheapen the experience but overall it’s a welcomed addition to the neighborhood.