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Thanks to Actress and Actor/Modeling Coach Kwietha Bolden for coordinating Theater in the Park!

Here’s some initial information and I’ll try my best to keep you informed….


Auditions, Workshops, Rehearsals, and Preparations for Performance: June 5 – July 24  (off 4th of July)


Summertime is a modern dark comedy where three Triplets were

separated at birth, but reunited through love.

The play touches on being different, self-discovery, new friends

and living in a diverse and ever changing environment.

There is a Talent and Fashion show in the play.


MALCOM X FESTIVAL 2010 May 23, 2010

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This was a wonderful event!



Lots of vendors and our mini community garden...

Organic, healthy food!


Yummy food!

The children LOVED the moonwalk!

The children play chess!




Children keep traditions going...

Beautiful mama-to-be!

Masks for sale!



BASEBALL at WEST END PARK! April 29, 2010

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Support BASEBALL TEAM in the West End Park!

Our neighbor, Said Khalifa is coordinating baseball on Saturdays at the park. The team needs your help!

They need shoes ASAP! Please consider making a donation, the team’s first game is this Saturday-May 1st.

Want to help? Email:


2nd Annual West End’s Spring Egg Hunt! April 5, 2010

Eggs everywhere! This year there were about 800 eggs!

Great turn-out! I'd say!


It's nice when your teacher lives in the community!

It's nice when your teacher lives in the same neighborhood!

100% pure cuteness!

By any means necessary...he will get that egg!

We will not let the eggs go!

Won't let 'em go!

Look what I can do!

Family & Friends!



Prep for Spring Egg Hunt

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First few to arrive! I'm thinking...i hope more people come!

After: Yey-more people did come! Friend of the West End Park stuff eggs!


REUSE: Children’s Floor Playmats February 22, 2010

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A good idea, glue letters to blocks and make your own letter stamps-pretty cool. Original post from:


2009 YEAR IN REVIEW!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays West End & Friends!!!

I hope you enjoyed the day w/ your family and friends.

As the year comes to a close, please consider making a donation to Friends of the West End Park. It is tax-deductible and will help us continue our wonderful work.

Donations can be written to Friends of the West End Park and mailed to:

Yomara Velez, 9to5 Atlanta Working Women, 501 Pulliam Street SW Suite 344, Atlanta GA 30312

Our accomplishments this past year…

We created an initial plan for our park!

We coordinated monthly meetings, started this blog and held monthly park clean-ups!

Mary signs-in (our Spring Egg Hunt Coordinator)

We made improvements to our park-painted the water fountain and after some pressure the City fixed the fountain, we also painted the the tennis courts (walls)!

We mulched our trees and the playground!

We planted trees!

Beth held weekly jump rope classes (Saturday Mornings-10am) and in the Fall added an Abs Class!

We hosted an Earth Day Celebration + involved children in planting a mini-garden! Jamila helps the children plant their seeds!

And-these are the beautiful results from the picture above!

We hosted our 1st EGG HUNT/Spring Celebration!

We solidified friendships + built community!

We hosted West End's 1st FALL FEST!

We carved pumpkins and held activities for the entire family!

West End's Fall Fest involved youth in the community + gave them something positive to do with their free time!

Chin held youth soccer in the park every Saturday (Fall)!

Jamila and Chin co-coordinated the Fall Fest!

It’s been a busy but wonderful year! As I look back, I’m pleased with everything we’ve accomplished. These pictures inspire me to continue the work. I hope it reminds us of how powerful we can be when we come together to create healthier communities. You’ve worked hard and I hope you enjoy this photo essay of our past year!

In 2010:

  • Jamila will help coordinate meetings for the first 6 months to give me some time to continue to strengthen the work in other areas such as fundraising and programming.

Things to look forward to in the coming year:

  • Monthly clean-ups (3rd Saturday/month)
  • Saturday morning fitness classes (saturdays/weekly)
  • Knitting/crafting circle in the park.
  • More on plan/design for the park.
  • Wooden posts at the park to minimize cars on the turf.
  • Continue to contact the City about the broken sidewalk.
  • Community Events in the Park such as the Spring Egg Hunt + Earth Day Celebration!
  • Malcolm X Festival (Friends will have a table at the event + work w/ festival organizers)

I HOPE YOU’LL JOIN US! Much love…Yomara!




Altars @ Dia de los Muertos, Atlanta History Center


Every year, on November 1st (All Saints Day) and 2nd (All Souls Day) something unique takes place in many areas of Mexico and Latin America: Day of the Dead festivities. This all stems from the ancient indigenous peoples of Mexico (Purepecha, Nahua, Totonac and Otomí) who believe that the souls of the dead return each year to visit with their living relatives – to eat, drink and be merry. Just like they did when they were living.

This may all seem morbid and somewhat ghoulish to those who are not part of that culture. But, for Mexicans who believe in the life/death/rebirth continuum, it’s all very natural. Nahua speaking peoples of pre-columbian Mexico saw the skull as a symbol of life – not death.


Altars @ Dia de los Muertos, Atlanta History Center


Altars @ Dia de los Muertos, Atlanta History Center

Here’s our altar:


My two boys and I worked our our altar today...we're almost done!


All lit up!


Buy your altar skulls at


Jamila + Chin host wonderful Fall Fest! October 26, 2009

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We finally finished this outdoor xylophone for Diego’s school. It’s such an amazing way to introduce music and encourage outdoor time with your child, I thought I’d share…

for sale at inman park coop preschool auction

for sale at inman park coop preschool auction

Other examples from the web…