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REUSE: Your Christmas Tree December 29, 2009

This cute idea comes from Readymade. Post by Edith Dora Rey and Pictures by Graham Berry

For full post visit:

1. Strip your tree of trimmings, remove it from the stand, and drag it outdoors.

2. Saw off the branches, leaving 3” to 5” nubs. (Slice off some of the branches entirely so garments have hanging clearance and don’t get snagged.)

3. Apply a coat of paint or clear varnish, or leave au naturel.

4. When the paint is dry, plunk the coatrack into the tree stand and hang out.


One Response to “REUSE: Your Christmas Tree”

  1. Anni Says:

    NO WAY! what a cool idea! i love the things you find and post on here 🙂 sending my love to atlanta!

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