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January is flying by! January 16, 2010

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Wow! I can’t believe it’ already January 16! The days are going pretty fast. Today, I spotted the tips of a Daffodil sprouting through the snow. I was delighted to see what’s to come soon. Thankfully, the weather is back to our normal temperatures. Yesterday, I went for a walk through the neighborhood. It was a beautiful day!

Robert and I stopped by the coffee shop and I met an amazing former West Ender who now lives in China. I also saw old friends and enjoyed looking at the art on the wall. Afterwards, I met a beautiful vendor, her name is ‘Mama’. Mama is from East Africa. She was crocheting a hat. She had earrings and other handmade things for sale. I bought some lovely bangles and earrings! I’ll show you pictures later, my camera’s battery is dead. You can find her off Ralph David Abernathy, she has a booth near Chantelle’s.

Today, Friends of the WE Park met. I couldn’t make the meeting because I had  company. Keanu attended on my behalf. Jamila will be emailing me notes for the blog. In february, we’re going to start Art in the park. Right now, I’m thinking one day a month and we’ll start with some knitting. Stay tuned for more details…I leave you with this picture of a knitted bicycle. Cute, right?


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