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COLD DAYS in the WEST END (Atl) January 9, 2010

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Wow-it’s so cold out there!  We can have real winters in Atlanta but just for a couple of days (I hope). The park is like a ghost town. The streets are quiet, few dare to venture outside.

Winter in the West End Park

Childless Playground


My Strawberry Patch


2 Responses to “COLD DAYS in the WEST END (Atl)”

  1. Sally Stenger Says:

    Today I went to the West End Marta Station about 2:00pm and it was closed – I don’t know why. Perhaps there was an accident. I have been unable to find any information about why it was closed.

  2. friendsofthewestendparkatl Says:

    Hey Sally-I’m not sure why the station was closed. I’m glad its up and running again. The weather is warming up. : ) I’m thankful.

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