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Back to the lovely West End… January 9, 2010

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I missed the West End!

This past week, we headed to the Smokey Mountains to celebrate my RESPITE AWARD!  I received this award as a recognition for my community organizing work, for more information visit: As part of  the award, I was honored to receive an all inclusive, paid trip to the mountains!

This award is given annually to two Community Organizers in the U.S. The award is a time for Organizers to retreat, reflect, rest and renew. And so we headed up to the Smokey Mountains last Saturday and had a wonderful time (many thanks to the National Organizer’s Alliance). Now, I’m getting ready to start this year right!

While in the mountains I knitted (of course) but I also made soaps, candles and other projects with Diego. The most exciting part of the trip was the purchase of a loom (that I’ve been wanting for some time now), on our way home we stopped by Asheville (btw I love it there) and I finally bought the loom! Now I’m all HAPPINESS- in 2010…I will learn to weave.

Overall…I spent a lot ot time during this trip thinking about the coming year and what projects I’d like to focus on.  I know it’s going to be a wonderful year in our little neighborhood. I look forward to more art, gardens, parks + progressive initiatives (and development) for the West End in 2010! Inspire…

Diego is taking more and more pictures-he also loves filming.

Celebrating the snow!

HANDMADE w/ lots of LOVE!

Diego's sketch book...


One Response to “Back to the lovely West End…”

  1. kseverny Says:

    good for you.
    Best of luck with your new projects

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