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UPDATE LETTER (from Stephanie Harry) November 10, 2009

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Dear Friends of the West End Park,

I meant to send this letter three weeks ago, but I got caught up with life and am just sending it out.  After turning in the October inspection of the park I received a call from Latosha Haney to discuss some of the concerns on the inspection.  I thought that you all might be interested in what she had to say as to why some things have not been properly fixed recently.

She apologized for the grass not being cut in late September and explained that due to the numerous rain days several parks were not mowed in a timely manor.  She also apologized for the lack of quality of cutting when the grass was mowed.  Apparently her manager of the crew has been out for several months and she was unaware that the crew was not trimming the lawn well.  She sent out a crew following our conversation to trim grass around the light posts and mow certain parts that were uneven.

In regards to mulch, she said that the playground mulch is different than the tree mulch.  Playground mulch is a little easier to access, whereas tree mulch they rely on donations and have not received any lately.  I think she said that we cannot use our own mulch because they prefer to know that there are not certain things in the mulch (but I will double check).

Garbage pick-up in November will turn to 5 days a week Mon-Fri.  Weekend pick-up will not be available due to budget cuts.  She also noted that they have had a lot of issues with the businesses across the street throwing out trash into park bins.  I am not sure if this is true (as I have not noticed)…but is anyone friends with the business owners?  Can there be a conversation about this?

In regards to the baseball fields.  Teams are required to bring their own bases to play.  I have requested twice now for the fields to be groomed.  She said that she will try and look for a bench to put by the baseball field.  She also said that we could build one if we wanted.  Just need to run specifics by Park Pride.

In regards to the basketball courts and lines; funding fell through for this.  There is also no funding to fix the lights on tennis and basketball courts.  Could we fundraise for this?

Lastly, we spoke about the graffiti.  She said this is a constant issue as the park, and it is difficult to get it off, especially trees!  She said that they have even hired arborists to come out and try to help them figure out what to do to no avail.  Other than painting…there is nothing they have had much luck with so far.  They have attempted to scrub graffiti off of the sidewalks with little luck.

I am just sending the November evaluation today.  If you notice anything you want me to include in the December evaluation, please feel free to give me a call or let me know at the next meeting.

Stephanie Harry


2 Responses to “UPDATE LETTER (from Stephanie Harry)”

  1. Sally Stenger Says:

    Thanks for the update. That was very interesting. Have you heard anything about the water fountains? I saw that they were featured in the AJC’s spotlight feature several weeks ago about things that need to be fixed.

  2. friendsofthewestendparkatl Says:

    yes, the water fountains are working!!!

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