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A++ for this lil’ LAMP August 26, 2009

My husband recently picked up one of these lovely reading lamps from IKEA. It’s 100% solar powered + works very well. The solar panel is easily removed so you can place it outside to recharge. It’s so easy  that our 3 years old, actually showed me how to use it. The charge lasts about 4 hours and I’ve never had it run out-we use it mostly for night-time reading. It’s much better than using the other lamp we have which is electrically powered.

0092820_PE229544_S4Key features (from website):

Solar cells transform sunlight into electrical energy – requires no electrical connections.
Runs on solar cells that transform sunlight into electricity; helps you save energy and reduce your environmental footprint.
LED consumes 70% less energy and has at least 4 times longer life than incandescent bulbs in similar decorative lighting.


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