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Seed Swap

picture from mother earth news, craig elevitch

So here’s the UPDATE: I’m working to get our fundraising stuff in place now that we have a 501C3 fiscal agreement w/ Park Pride.

Base on our last meetings this is what we’re doing…

  • FALL FEST-At our last meeting people were interested in a Fall Fest in the West End Park that can highlight and promote some of our urban farming initiatives but also provide activities for young children. We were thinking pumpkins, hay, etc. We talked about a seed swap, local urban farmers bring fresh veggies from their gardens, a map of gardens in the West End/SW Atl and more. If you’re interested in joining the planning committee (which promises to be much fun) please email me:
  • SIDEWALKS-one of the major repairs needed in our park is our sidewalks-especially our lovely brick sidewalk (north of the park) which currently makes it difficult for individuals w/ strollers or wheel chairs. Unfortunately, the city is in a major budget crisis and we don’t know how much help they’ll provide! I’m working to put pressure on the City in the meantime, we’re considering kicking off a ‘brick by brick’ fundraising campaign to cultivate private donors and get it FIXED! I’m researching how much it will be to have engraved bricks and once I know we’ll have an outline so neighbors can support by buying a brick!
  • FUNDRAISING EVENTS-we’ve talked about doing a semi-formal at the park possibly on the basketball court w/ live music. We’re thinking Spring. We’re still exploring our options. If anyone is interested-please email me at
  • GRANTS-I’m writing a couple of small grants to get rain barrels and start a small children’s garden/outdoor classroom. If funds are secured- we may need some of you handy neighbors to help with some of the projects.

The fall promises to be a busy season. Your INVOLVEMENT is MUY important!

  • Next Friends of the West End Park meeting is on August 19, 2009, 10:30am, location TBA
  • Next Clean-up is on August 15 at 10:30am (this time we’ve been promised mulch!)

Donations ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE and can be made to:

Friends of the West End Park

Mail to: Friends of the West End Park, 1080 OAK ST SW, Atlanta, GA 30310.

Thanks and I’ll keep you posted!


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