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MY TOMATO PLANT : ( July 25, 2009

Okay-I learned my lesson! I must start my pile of compost asap so I can improve my soil. Here are some pictures of the tomato plant-I believe it’s Fusarium wilt. If any of you can recognize what it is or have any ideas for treatment, please contact me or comment.





One Response to “MY TOMATO PLANT : (”

  1. kung li & xochitl Says:

    Hey those nodules aren’t the problem! They’re proto-roots and are just the tomato trying to take root. If the tomatoes had been sprawled along the ground (rather than caged), the nodules would have just become new roots. Something else is causing the leaves to go yellow…maybe overwatering? If you’re watering so much that your roots are rotting, that may explain the proto-root nodules popping up. Maybe it’s not as bad as it seems?

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