Friends of the West End Park

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Yes-they’re everywhere…kitchens, porches, bedrooms and this one can be used in your living room, a coffee table. I know it’s not for everyone’s taste but it is clever. I like it and it offers extra storage.


This easy DIY project lets you put your feet up after you’ve finished it. Stop by any warehouse or supply company that has a receiving dock, or visit a pallet recycling center. Ask for two half-pallets. Now you’ve got just about all you need to make your own unique coffee table.

Step 1: Secure the two half-pallets together, one atop the other, using wood screws.

Step: Cut a top and base to size from MDF. Screw to the top and bottom of the pallets.

Step 3: Frame the top MDF piece using lattice strips, mitering the corners, if desired. Paint it your desired color and let dry.

Step 4: Find a decorative sisal rug and cut to fit inside the top; secure with an appropriate adhesive such as Gorilla Glue. Attach casters to the bottom.


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