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PLANTING IN JULY? July 7, 2009


I made a lovely cucumber, tomato, basil salad today from my garden. It was so yummy! I’ve let the cucumber and tomato plants do their thing (unrestricted). So far, they’ve given our family beautiful fruit. The blueberry bushes are still doing well. I cut the blooms so they don’t fruit until next year. However we did have berries, the strawberry plant’s produced some of the most delicious fruit I’ve ever tasted. I need to add some compost to the ground and reshape the hills. I must admit weeds in the south + mosquitoes make it difficult to stay with it but I’m pushing forward weeding little bits at a time. I read somewhere that it’s time for annuals (especially Petunias) to be cut back 1/3 or more because they start to look stringy. The Crate Myrtles are blooming and there is nothing more beautiful than sitting on my porch overlooking my 3 blooming Myrtles. The sunflowers are HUGE. I didn’t even now they’d grow so tall. I can’t wait to have home-grown sunflower seeds. The tin full of lavendar is exquisite. I’ve repainted my outdoor table and look forward to having people over in August. Moving into the month of July, I have two beds I plan to prepare (one of these cool mornings).

For a list of crops that can be planted in July, click more…


Sow Indoors

Sow Outdoors


Bean, lima XXX
Bean, pole XXX
Beet XXX
Broccoli XXX
Brussels sprouts XXX
Cabbage XXX
Carrot XXX
Cauliflower XXX
Collards XXX
Cucumber XXX
Edamame XXX
Eggplant XXX
Peas, southern XXX
Peppers XXX
Pumpkin XXX
Rutabaga XXX
Squash, winter XXX



Sow Indoors

Sow Outdoors





Dill XXX



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