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Did you know? June 22, 2009

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lemon_basil Some people eat garlic to keep the mosquitos away but there are some that claim that eating basil has the same effect. So, grab a couple of leaves from your herb garden, chew and see if it works. GA mosquitos are relentless but I’ll give it a try!

Other uses for basil:

Basil leaves’ juice is an astringent and excellent tonic for the skin.

Nose-bleeding (epistaxis):
Keep some basil blossoms with you and smell them every now and again. In chronic cases, a drop of the essence of basil blossom put in the handkerchief and smelt at intervals cures the problem almost totally. Drinking basil juice with honey is also recommended.

Blood pressure:
The drinking of basil-leaf tea keeps the blood pressure even

Add a little tincture of camphor to the juice of 10 leaves of basil. Instill a drop or two of the mixture in the ear for instant relief.

Dry some basil blossoms in the shade and grind to a fine powder; mix two grams of the powder with a dessert-spoonful of honey and lick it slowly. A second dose, if needed, may be taken in the evening. An excellent remedy, when others have failed (AKN)!

For more uses check out the website below.



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