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THRIFTING: my new vintage bike. June 17, 2009

I’m so VERY excited that I found this lovely old vintage bike at our local Goodwill for just $20 bucks in really good shape. We brought it to SOPO Bike Coop to make sure it was ready for the street and it was. Now, I’m learning to ride a bike (well). I’ve always been able to balance but I’ve never really gone beyond my 1 block. Today Keanu (my 14 year old) and I ventured around my neighborhood. While I must admit that I never noticed the hills and I was super tired after just 10 minutes, it was a wonderful experience and I look forward to taking rides w/ him a couple times a week. And now, I’ll share the lovely pictures of my bicicleta-I’ll give her a name soon. I even got a little basket for it…too cute!


The great thing about thrifting is that you never know what you're going to find. It's not like when you go to a retail store + you know what to expect. This lovely vintage bike so super cheap and I so enjoyed riding through the neighborhood!


It's an old Schwinn! I love the frame + it's very comfortable to ride. Brand names are not important to me but there is something special about a vintage Schwinn.


Ahhhhh-the basket. I think baskets on bikes are so beautiful. They remind me of the time I spent in Oxford, England. The goal is to use it! I plan to visit all the lovely edible gardens in the West End and trade food + seeds.


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