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For complete list:

  • Use cookie cutters to cut the mat into holiday ornaments
  • Cut down for placemats for pet dishes. Keeps the area neat while also prevents the dishes from sliding around
  • Clean the mat well and use it to line kitchen shelves
  • Use the mat to smother weeds in your garden.
  • Instead of buying a rug pad, use an old yoga mat (or two) to keep your rug in place. Rug pads also make vacuuming your rug easier.
  • Instead of packing peanuts, wrap pieces of a yoga mat around your valuables.
  • Strips of old yoga mat make colourful stair treads.
  • Use a piece as a welcome mat outside a kitty litter box. The mat’s stickiness grabs the litter off paws preventing it from spreading throughout the rest of the house and protects kitty’s paws as well
  • Cut into rounds and use as coasters
  • Cut a piece to use as a sunshade in your parked car when it gets really hot
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    One Response to “50 WAYS TO REUSE YOUR YOGA MAT”

    1. Beth Says:

      I think yoga mats should be used as yoga mats!!!!! 😉 These are very cute ideas though!

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