Friends of the West End Park

Historic West End*Atlanta*GA


Keanu and I worked on creating a small area where we can retreat from our long busy days. Most of the space is created w/ old salvaged wood. We added a few new element.  The space is coming together…take a look below.

We started by making this lovely bench w/ salvaged wood  (left over from when we repaired the front porch). We painted the bench red and positioned it by one of the largest trees in our back yard, a lovely fig tree. 


We cleared the area around the tree and we still need to mulch. This lovely chime (below) creates a lovely serene sound. 


Buddha. Keanu handles it with care.


Salvage wood serves as a shelf.


Diego picked this flower out…


My co-worker gave me these beautiful flowers today. The bodega candles tie into my Latina upbringing. We also have a little fountain (but it’s not in the picture). I love the soothing sound of water. There’s still elements to add but we’ve at least started to create a space to teach the children about meditation and prayer.



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