Friends of the West End Park

Historic West End*Atlanta*GA

SHOP LOCAL! Every Tuesday. May 19, 2009

Okay–so I made it a point to get out of the house and go support all the lovely vendors at SWOOM. I pulled out my little spending money, created a budget for myself and headed south on Cascade. For some reason, I thought the market was in the West End + I was super excited that our neighborhood organized a summer/fall outdoor festival. I quickly realized that the market is right outside the neighborhood so keep going on Cascade + you’ll see it on your right. The people there were super NICE. There was a diverse group of vendors: a couple options for baked goods, amazing soaps & bath products, handmade jewelry, paintings, hand-crafted cards and fresh veggies. There were about 8-10 vendors. I bought a bundle of fresh lettuce, radishes, inscence, bath oil and handmade all natural soap. The market is still picking up but it’s definitely worth a visit. Support handmade + local vendors!

South West Outdoor Organic Market
May – October
Every Tuesday, 4:00pm until dusk


Located next to: 
For information about vending, please contact: 
 Life’s Essentials Market
 2329 Cascade Rd. SW
No charge for vendors
 Atlanta, GA  30311

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