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Saturday ( May 23th) @ 10am

Location: West End Park

Coordinator: Jamila


2 Responses to “REMINDER: PARK CLEAN-UP!”

  1. Sally Stenger Says:

    Hi. I went over to the park at 10:00am but I didn’t see anything so I figured I must have gotten the date wrong. Where were you? I went to the edge of the park that was by Yomara’s house.
    -Sally Stenger

  2. friendsofthewestendparkatl Says:


    That’s strange…Beth + Jamila were there. We did the jump rope class since it was just us and another woman-then we did the clean-up. I came a few minutes late-sorry we missed each other. We walked around and picked up garbage. The park looked better when we left however the trash cans are pretty full. The next clean up will be the 3rd weekend of June-we’ll be mulching in addition to cleaning. Hope to see you at that one. Again, sorry we missed each other.

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