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PARK NEWS!!! April 2, 2009

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  New BBALL court for West End Park?

Our Basketball Courts is on a list for a complete renovation! Thanks to Stephanie Harry for calling and researching this information for us. We haven’t been able to pin down a date or time-line for this project but we will keep you posted. And, if you have more information-please share.

  REPAIRS: squeeky wheels get’s the grease!

There are work orders in to fix the lights and  water fountains at the park. Let’s get it done! We have to stay on top of it, to do so call: 404-817-6813. The complaint file number to fix the lights is 128426 and to fix the water fountains it’s 133761. West End stand-up… call and let them know we care about our park! Also, call your local representative, Councilmember Cleta Winslow, 404-287-1387 and let her know The West End Park NEEDS the SIDEWALKS REPAIRED.

  Community Spring Egg Hunt

On April 11, 2009, Friends of the West End Park will host a Spring Egg Hunt free to children in the community under the age of 8. Festivities begin at 11am. Adult supervision required. Thanks to WEND for donating $100 to make this event a reality and to Stephanie, Mary and all other community members who donated eggs and prizes.

  DONATIONS NEEDED for Earth Day Celebrations

On April 18, the West End Park will have over 30 volunteers gathering to make improvements. The volunteers will clean the park, plant flowers & 1 fruit tree and mulch. There’s a couple of projects we would like to also accomplish but we need donations to make it happen! We would like to purchase posts and concrete to keep cars off the park’s turf. As you know, the City of Atlanta is going through a major budget crisis and there isn’t money to repair damaged turf. We would also like to build a bulletin board and need materials. Lastly, we would love to build planters for our children’s garden. If anyone is interested in making a donation just comment or email me at Thanks to Trees Atlanta for donating our first fruit tree! Who is next? 

  How do I get Involved?

Friends of the West End Park will meet on April  15, 2009 @ 7pm. We’ll be at the Grounds Coffee House. Soon, our meetings will move to the park! At our next meeting we will discuss the first phases of our design: plantings: children’s garden/berry hill and sidewalks. We will also discuss Earth Day and debrief on Spring Egg Hunt. We will also discuss upcoming events at the park.



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 APRIL 18-9am

The West End celebrates Earth Day at the park with a morning full of hands-on learning experiences: planting, painting, cleaning, mulching, etc.