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Wow-we’ve been so busy over at the park (and in our Victory Garden) that I haven’t had a chance to blog!

I have few updates for all you keepers of PACHAMAMA (mother-earth):

1. I had the pleasure of meeting the Dervaes family from Paths to Freedom in Pasedena, CA at the Oakhurst Community Garden. The family has an urban homestead- where they grow a good % of what they consume. The event was very inspiring, for more info:!

2. We’ve decided on our garden location at the park. We’ll participate in a design workshop w/ Park Pride (this Saturday). We will begin to implement our design ideas on April 18th: our Earth Day Celebration. In the fall, we’d like to plant fruit trees. Donate a fruit tree!  This is a great way to beautify our park and leave a lasting gift for generations to come. Talking about generations to come…we’re also exploring a children’s garden/area that could serve to educate on issues of the environment and sustainability.

3. The clean-up was a SUCCESS! Thanks to everyone who helped! Mr. Winston, Ryan Harry and Keanu Velez painted the walls by the tennis courts. They look great! Shout-out to our Jesuit Volunteers who also came out to support and Stephanie Harry for providing snacks and coordinating this month’s clean-up! Rock-on West End!!!


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