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COMPOSTING March 3, 2009

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compost_binI’m researching “How to Compost”. Okay, this may sound silly but I’m afraid it will attract rats. A couple of sites I visited said that to ensure rats stay away not to include fatty foods such as butter and of course no meat. The other suggestion is to have a closed bin or surround the compost bin with wire mesh. The best compost bin (according to Consumer Report) is  Smith & Hawkin Biostack.

The full review is on:

If anyone has more information, please comment or email me.


2 Responses to “COMPOSTING”

  1. Beth McBee Says:

    Yomara, we are doing worm composting at our house. It is a great project for kids; it’s enclosed in a large tupperware storage bin, so there’s no need to worry about vermin! 😉 As our worms procreate, we can share so you can get started!

  2. friendsofthewestendparkatl Says:

    Yes, I’d love to learn! Please, share w/ readers–too! A picture would be wonderful!

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