Friends of the West End Park

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MEETING NOTES FOR 2/19 March 1, 2009

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Friends of the West End Park

February 19, 2009

Notes by Stephanie Harry

Typed by Yomara Velez



  •  All improvements should be reported to Latasha Haney (sp?)-Park Manager
  •  The maintenance crew comes to the park every 11 days and it may change to once a month.
  •  Graffiti reports have high priority.
  • We still need trash-cans near the playground, lights need to be fixed, courts improved and water fountain isn’t working.
  • Ayanna said we can have local businesses donate trash-cans and other needed materials.
  •  Ask Ayanna if we’d like to access tools from the Tool Bank to use at the park do we have to go through Park Pride or can we request tools as individuals?


  •  We can apply for a small match grant for seeds-not sure if we’ll have enough time to do this year.
  • Vonda suggested WEND may be able to provide small grant for seeds.
  •  Toby Jackson knows were we can get seeds.
  • We need to do a walk through the park to determine areas to plant.
  • Yomara will schedule w/ Ayanna and invite Stephanie, Ma’at, Jamila.
  • Vonda is willing to do parks visioning/design workshop at the end of March.
  • Contact Boys and Girls Club to see if they have youth that may want to help w/ garden and clean-ups.
  • Is there a way to collect rainwater at the park? We’ll see during the walk-through.


  •  We need a team of people who are willing to do the park assessment.
  • Yomara will print out forms and bring to next meeting.


  •  We’ll have a group of volunteers for clean-up
  • Jamela volunteered to do Environmental Education Workshop or Activity
  • 2nd Saturday in April


  • Mary wants to do an egg hunt w/ prizes for young children
  • Yomara will follow-up w/ her to see if she still wants to coordinate


  • Yomara shared that Evelyn said she may need help and doesn’t know if she can coordinate.
  • Stephanie said that she would contact Evelyn and see if she can help coordinate.


  •  Ryan can’t coordinate at the moment, we need to identify someone who can or scale down to an organized game at the court. If anyone has suggestions please email Yomara.  Eric and Nasheed Jackson said they would be interested in helping.


  •  We need 90 days for permit so it won’t be in May (with the Tour of Homes)
  •  We’re going to try to schedule for the fall.


  •  Walk-through Park w/ Ayanna for planting
  • Distribute information of Design/Visioning Workshop
  •  Flyers + Distribution for next meeting and clean-up
  • Contact those interested in planting and have a sub-group meeting
  • Follow-up on playgroups, bball tournament and egg hunt
  • Begin monthly assessment of park
  • Next Clean-up Stephanie will coordinate
  • Call in improvement complaints to park manager
  • Create evite
  • Distribute these notes






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