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Diego LOVES gardening. He enjoys watering the plants, helping dig holes in the dirt, placing seeds and watching plants grow.

Luckily, the Historic West End of Atlanta is buzzing with lots of Urban Farming. We have several community gardens and a wonderful CSA. So, as we prepare to continue to garden, I came across this Easy Children’s Garden Plan on the Better Homes website. They even have a program that allows you to plan you’re own garden (measurements and all).  In the coming months, we hope to do some gardening at the park. Here’s one of the plans from the Better Homes website:


Plant List 

A 1 pkt. Pumpkin, ‘Baby Boo’. Tall vines with white mini pumpkins;  

 plant seeds  foot apart. 

B 1 pkt. Pumpkin, ‘Jack-be-little’. Tall vines with orange mini pumpkins;  

 plant seeds  foot apart. 

C 1 pkt. Morning glory, ‘Heavenly Blue’. Eight-foot vines with large,  

 sky blue single flowers. 

D 1 pkt. Sunflower, ‘Russian Mammoth’ or ‘California Greystripe’.  

 Tall plants grow to 8 feet; one 10-inch flower head per plant. 

E 1 pkt. Radish, ‘Easter Egg’. Sweet red, white, and purple radishes. 

F 16 Strawberry, ‘Tristar’ or ‘Ozark Beauty’. Clumping plants with runners. 

G 1 Tomato, ‘Sungold’. Six-foot vines with long sprays of deep-gold  

 cherry tomatoes. 

H 16 Marigolds, Sophia mix. Two-inch orange, red-orange, and  

 yellow double flowers on 8-inch dwarf plants. 

There’s plenty of local neighbors with a wealth of knowledge. Under my ‘blog roll’ you can click on the Rose Circle Garden to see what’s happening with our  ‘West End’ urban agriculture. I also plan to visit Truly Living Well w/ Diego in East Point. Thanks to Debbie for sharing the website: Another website that I find very inspirational is Pathway to Freedom, an urban homestead in California ( ). Be inspired + grow food!



  1. Anni Says:

    yomara, check this website out!

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