Friends of the West End Park

Historic West End*Atlanta*GA


This is my first time ever trying to garden. I’m very excited. I’m starting with those fruits and vegetables I enjoy eating such as blueberries. I went to Lowes and found two very small blueberry bush plants (they were about $10 each).  The plants are small so chances are we won’t have berries for 2-4 years (if they make it). I’ll learn patience.

Diego and I dug a hole about 2ft by 2ft-refilled some of it with gardening soil, planted our mini-bush, covered it with more gardening soil and mulched it. We placed a border around the plant. It rained yesterday so today we’ll go see how it’s doing. We’ll water it if necessary. I’ll post pictures soon. In the meantime, get inspired and start growing some of your own food.


As for me-I also bought strawberries and rasberries. I’m considering a full food garden in my front lawn. I must admit I’m a little concerned that it will take away for our curb appeal but I’m working out those feeling.
















For more information on planting blueberries:

**Beware: It seems like websites provide different (sometimes conflicting)  information…I found myself  in the research phase (in front of the computer) instead of getting out there and actually planting the bushes!

Blueberry Bush in the Fall…


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