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MEETING NOTES: January 29th February 1, 2009

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Friends of the West End Park Meeting Notes

Meeting: January 1/29/08


In attendance:

Beth McBee

Shannon Toney

Maurice Sanders

Winston Bentley

Stephanie Harry



Yomara Velez


1. Introductions

§  Participants went around and introduce themselves, where they live and why they came

§  Ideas as we grow: Create a scrapbook of FWEP events, post more flyers in the community. Mr. Winston will help circulate flyers. Beth suggested we also make sure to post in the library and other local business. Maurice suggested posting yard signs on the corners of major intersections.


2. Debrief MLK Park Clean-up

§  The event was incredibly successful. We had about 40 participants. Everyone worked hard and the park looked much better when we were done.  We were very excited about turn-out. Diversity was wonderful and tons of youth, children and elders participated.  Morehouse did not show up but we still had plenty of volunteers.

§  Lessons for next clean-up:  Rotate point person for food and snacks to make sure it doesn’t become a burden on just one person. Bring everyone together at the end for an official closing of the clean-up. Inform members in advance what they need to bring. While we had most tools, we still needed wheel-barrels to move the mulch, etc.

§  For next clean up: get graffiti removal and wipe down the jungle gym (antibacterial???)

§  The group has continued to host monthly clean-up events at the park.

§  Plantings in the park for spring. We talked about planting an herbs garden, pear or other fruit trees. We’ll check-in w/ Ayanna on seeds and availability of plants through parks.

§  The group would also like the City’s cleaning schedule for the park (from Ayanna).


3. Park Improvements

§  We’ve collected about 40 signed letters requesting City to fix our park’s sidewalks. We’ll continue collecting letters and will send them out in a bundle by the end of February.

§  Identified specific improvement  we’d like to see at the park in 2009: sidewalks, more trash cans, water fountains fixed, doggie bags/trash, new goals and nets for b-ball court, physical obstruction (iron pegs) limiting parking inside the park and secured storage structure (little house) for equipment such as baseball bases, balls, tennis racquets , waterproof bulleting board to announce upcoming events.

§  Get calendar of events already permitted in the park for 2009 (from Ayanna).

§  Is it possible to put up signs reserving parking for the parks on one of the bordering streets?

§  See if local businesses will sponsor or buy things for the park-need to identify someone willing to take on this task.


4. Programs  + Recreation

§   Saturday Free Fitness Classes: Tai Chi has been happening every other Saturday at 8:30am. The Jump Rope has been hosted at 10am. Participation is small but we’re hoping when the weather improves more people will come. Beth will also do more outreach: posting in the library and other places where more people can be informed.

§  Playgroups will start in the spring. Evelyn was not present but we’ll continue to plan.

§  Mary would like to do an Egg Hunt for Easter. She has volunteered to coordinate.

§  Identify Organized Sports: Maurice and Ryan will work with youth to plan a 3-on-3 tournament at the park. We discussed having prizes for winners and involving the youth in the planning to get buy-in and increase youth engagement.


5. Cultural + Art Activities/Fundraising

§  Art-n-Craft Festival at the Park: We’d like to organize a handmade event at the park to promote local artists (intown). We’ll be researching permit prices with the City. Ideally, we would like to schedule the event to coincide with the Tour of Homes (May 9). We’ll charge artist a tabling fee to cover permit and raise funds for the park.

§  Love Your Hood!-a concept to increase community pride. We’ll be printing ‘I love West End’ t-shirts and selling them as a fundraiser at community events and the Grounds. Shannon agreed to research prices. We’ll split printing cost.

§  We’ve raised about $60 through cans at the Grounds Coffee House. Yomara has completed the paperwork to get fiscal sponsorship through Parks Pride. We’re waiting to hear whether or not funds held by Parks Pride can be used for programming or if they MUST be used for improvements to the park. At the moment, the fiscal sponsorship contract states funds are used only for improvements. Ayanna is gathering more information on this aspects, she believes they’re trying to change the language. We’re holding the application until we have more concrete information. Once we have clarity, we’ll be able to write grants and our fiscal partner will hold our funds and provide professional accounting.


 6. Next Steps and Conclusion

§  Beth will coordinate and host next park clean up on February 21 @ 10am

§  Mr. Winston + Stephanie will do outreach together.

§  Ryan and Maurice will begin planning 3-on-3 Tournament

§  T-Shirts-Shannon will follow-up

§  Evelyn will work on playgroups

§  Yomara will make flyers for next clean-up, next meeting, calling for crafters/artists

§  Yomara will create agenda for next meeting: Feb. 19th at the Ground-7pm.

§  Yomara will follow-up w/ Ayanna on Fiscal Sponsorship, Park Improvements

§  Yomara will call city re: permit for craft/art festival

§  Yomara will send evite for next meeting w/ agenda

§  Yomara will update blog

§  Cans need to be placed at Shantell’s, Print Shop, Ace, Soul Veg and other local neighborhood shops-we need a volunteer to call these shops and get permission to place can-then Yomara can bring the can and Stephanie can make more cans as needed. Who can call???


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