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thrifting… December 31, 2008

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things that work for me…

1. buy bulk + share.

2. car pool-check out craig’s list 4 car pool postings. you can post your route or see what others have posted. you can also post on the WEND forum or flyer.

3. pay bills 1st-asap. it’s so much easier (even if you have a budget). get rid of those bills then you have a clear picture of what’s left over. putting stuff off for just a couple of days, can set you back b/c you have a false sense of $$$ in your bank account.

4. get a grip on shopping? find other outlets: swaps. freecycle. craigslist. etsy. ross. thrift. i found tons of children’s books for 80-90% less than traditional bookstores at thrift shops. great condition. known titles + authors. i’ve built diego a nice library for much less than retail.

5. child care is a major expenses today. swap. find alternatives.


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