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Thrifting… December 14, 2008

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Love. Love. Love thrifting! One of the reasons I love living in Atlanta, GA. In NYC-thrifting just wasn’t as affordable thus fun! I found this table for $3.21-at our very own Goodwill. It was grey and I painted it blue.  I’m in the process of painting the lantern white, it was on clearance at Ross for $8.


Vintage cup from local shop in Cobb County.


The classic radio below still works, super-deal from Value Village.

dscf0219Once a kitchen table, now a space to create. Most items in the guest room are re-used: the bulletin boards, the shelves, the table, the bed-frame, the side-table, decorations, etc.

dscf02331I’m still working on the room. I need to finish painting , get real window treatments, etc. The fabric on the bed will be used to re-upholster the chairs below. Mom comes on Tuesday-we’ll see what she has to say. To be continued after the holidays…


One Response to “Thrifting…”

  1. Nia Knowles Says:

    Love the room! Before it shut down, did you ever go to the Value Village in Atlanta Road/Moors Mills area? That was my bestest place….then CVS came and I’m sure the people in that community felt NO need for a Value Village 😦

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