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Agenda for Dec 18th Meeting December 12, 2008

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I. Prioritize activities and events at the Park for 08-09 (7:30-8)

II. First Event: MLK Community Service Day w/ Morehouse students (8-8:15)
-January 19th-Event info + identify community volunteers (if we participate we’ll have a number of student volunteers join us to beautify/clean-up the park & then maybe afterwards we can have a celebration or some type of fun activity.

III. Fundraising (8:15-8:40)
-Fiscal Sponsorship through Parks Pride-5 min report-back
-Fundraising strategy:eco-friendly shopping bags,donations + grant writing-5 min report-back
-Funding Priorities-10 min based on agenda item I

IV. Wrap-up/Next Steps (8:40-8:45)


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