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FUNDRAISING IDEAS… December 10, 2008

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There’s much work to be done at our lovely park. The pathways within the park need to be repaired, programming/events coordinated, clean-ups, improvements to the playground… the list goes on.

The City is in a major budget crisis.

Many of the ideas from our meeting will have to be implemented by guess who?  You and I!

So, thanks to Stephanie for making lovely donation cans. 

And, thanks to the Grounds Coffee Shop for agreeing to put the can out on their counter. Please, consider putting your loose change [and bills 🙂 ] in the can.

We will also  be circulating the cans at WEND & NPU meetings-if its okay w/ leadership.

Please consider donating.

For more specifics come to our meeting:

December 18th @ 7:30pm.

The Islamic Center is located at 1193 Lucille.


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