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Did you know? December 4, 2008

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Dag! Sometimes I can’t keep up w/ all of the news and happenings of the day. Knowledge is so important. Lately, I keep talking to Keanu about how education doesn’t end with the school day. I encourage him to continue to seek information & love the freedom of dictating his own personal growth.  Here are some interesting bits of info to help keep us healthy.

  • Televisions have lead so you shouldn’t put them in the trash. Instead recycle at one of these web sites, or bring it to Goodwill-check out Mother Earth News for more info!
  • Fluoride is slightly more toxic than lead. It’s a by-product of the aluminum manufacturing process and is produced in rather large quantities. The attempt to market it as a health-improving product began in the 1930s/40s. In larger doses, it can actually produce tooth and bone decay, as it is non-biodegradable, and in excess can produce a condition called fluorosis. Most experts agree that drinking fluoride in water is a very bad idea, and that fluoridated water should not be consumed. However, the evidence as to whether the amount of fluoride contained in toothpaste is enough to be harmful seems to be inconclusive, as long as you don’t swallow your toothpaste.



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  1. Anni Says:

    Here’s another one: I heard on the radio over the weekend that cell phones emit some sort of magnetic wave that makes it difficult for you to sleep at night. So if you sleep with your phone turned on in the same room as you, it will increase sleeplessness!

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