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5 Reasons to Shop Local December 3, 2008

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  1. Environment: Cuts back on transport, production, etc
  2. Economy: Supports local jobs, promotes better working conditions
  3. Creativity: Provides opportunity, innovation, meaningful experiences + grows small businesses
  4. Builds Community: Provides local accountability, responsibility + character
  5. Healthy (Affordable) Products that Cut Down on Profit-Driven Mass Production + Improves Quality=  Happy Consumers!


Kraftwork is a monthly event, first Thursday of every month 7-10pm. You’ll find local indie crafters selling they’re stuff. Much fun! Keene + I plan to go. We invite neighbors to come out and support our local economy. As you know “Main Street” won’t be getting a bail-out anytime soon! So, come out-n-keep our $dough$ in Atlanta. For event details, see below.


One Response to “5 Reasons to Shop Local”

  1. Nia Knowles Says:

    wow..I need a booth- i better start making my handbags and stuff again.. I would love the extra dough to spend on other crafters items… thanks for sharing!

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