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Kick-off! November 23. November 27, 2008

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Friends of the park’s kick off meeting was on November 23. It was an exciting meeting. Great ideas, everyone! Some of the activities proposed include monthly clean-ups, play groups, a free-market, screen on the green, tennis lessons, organized baseball games, 3-on-3 bball tournament, arts festival, the list goes on…

Join us on December 18 @ 7:30pm. We’ll be prioritizing activities and developing a work-plan for 09-10.

Location: The Islamic Center, 1193 Lucille Avenue SW, Atlanta, GA 30310.



One Response to “Kick-off! November 23.”

  1. Nia Knowles Says:

    You guys are really on the ball 🙂 These are all great ideas! I look forward to seeing your plan in action- my girls LOVE that park..especially rolling down the hills 🙂

    Thanks for the add- I’ll get you on my list too!


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